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Casey's the name.
21 years of age.
Pursuing a BFA in Acting at Florida State.
Writer, Philosopher, Singer, Gamer, and general burden on society. You're welcome.

Clapham Common, London (by singulartalent)

Looking through your old Tumblr posts is like pressing rewind on your thoughts.


'The Tree' by Traumsturm

So this is a thing I’m doing

I started a tumblr where I can post my short essays / random thoughts on things that strike me in life.

Opposed to this tumblr where I just post things and thoughts as they come, randomly and without much consequence, Thoughts of a Human will be a place for me to share my carefully articulated perspective on the events and ideals I’ve experienced in my life.

It’ll also be a place where I hope people will come to me and ask me to speak on different matters. It’s a way for me to exercise my brain, force myself to contemplate things deeply than I might beforehand, and maybe even help somebody with their own understanding. In this vein, I hope that the community will visit my blog with the intent of learning, considering, and challenging. Bring it on!

Check it out sometime.

Quickest Update of the blog

I’m in London studying for a semester (until December).

It’s kinda really awesome.

I love milk.

P.S. Stumbling across pictures on your computer you forgot were there is fun(ny). Yeah, the dirty screenshots.